Available October 24, 2015–The Way Forward

Available October 24, 2015–The Way Forward!  

Laney MacKenzie recently learned she can communicate with spirits but she’s not sure she wants to do it.  However, her ghost hunter boyfriend keeps pressuring her and presents her with a compelling case involving a vulnerable young boy.  With a mother looking for grandchildren, a troublesome ex-husband, and a fledgling new business, she thinks life can’t get more challenging.  Then she meets the child’s attractive architect father and her world goes from difficult to impossible.

The follow-up to Finding the Way Back is available for Amazon pre-order at http://www.amazon.com/Way-Forward-Ghostly-Book-ebook/dp/B016RBTLV4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1445184171&sr=8-2&keywords=jill+bisker